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Social Media Marketing Strategies That Every Professional Should Follow In 2019


Digital marketing topography is a place where there is always a room for improvement. That’s why in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best social media marketing strategies which your business would have missed out in the year 2018.

Social media landscapes like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become a place to take full advantage of when it comes to marketing, advertising, and promoting your business brands and services. Although, as we know digital space is progressively getting changed with time very rapidly. So, for being on the top of the heap, you have to be aware of all the new trends taking place on the web. Having said that, there is no so-called shortcut to get success in this unpredictable virtual world.

Many marketers give-up by perceiving that it’s all luck and fortune that make businesses famous online. Without realizing the fact that they might be using the old junked tactics in the new vibe of the market. As I mentioned above, getting fame online is all about behaving chameleon with respect to the changes take place all over the online market.

Live streaming of videos:

Live streaming has become a very effective marketing tactic in order to interact with your customers in real time. This allows you to get candid with your followers and know exactly what they feel about your business and all. You can converse with them and ask for their suggestions to make improvement in your business metrics.

Facebook Messenger marketing:

Facebook messenger marketing is getting used by millions of marketers these days in order to boost up sales of their brands and products in the market. Facebook messenger marketing is also called as the new version of email marketing. Facebook messenger is a brilliant tool to make contact with existing customers in no time.

Short-lived or ephemeral content:

Short-lived content primarily includes stories or any kind of posts that live for maximum of 24 hours. This kind of content is proving their mettle in the marketing landscape like shiz. People interact humongously via these content and traffic of business profile on social media platforms get flooded with likes, comments, and followers.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing works like mouth-of-recommendation marketing. Because in this, influencers like big celebrities or famous personalities approach their followers to make use of your brand. If you yet not used this bandwagon then go for it this year.

These are some of the best marketing strategies you should follow in order to market your business online like a professional this year.

3 Surprising Benefits Of Social Media Automation


Social media automation has become a trend nowadays and people are also finding it very useful especially marketers. The most instant benefit that you can get by automating your social media account is more free time. After all, you do not have to invest much time on posting to different social media platforms, reply to the comments, like the posts and many more other things. There are various automation tools that are available on the market, you just need to choose according to your needs. Each tool offers different specifications. For example, if you want to automate your twitter account then you can particularly look for the best twitter automation tools. Likewise, you can look for the other software also as per your requirement. But as of now let’s check out some of the potential benefits of automating social media.

Maintain consistency

If you want to grow your influence on any social media platform then you need to be consistent in regards to your posts. Most of the businesses often create multiple accounts on different social networking sites for marketing purpose but experience difficulty in achieving consistency. According to recent research, it has been seen that the majority of the people only follow the brands that are consistent and active. Therefore, when you automate your social media account you can just schedule your posts and keep your account always active.

Get control over your strategy

Best Twitter Automation Tools
       Best Twitter Automation Tools

By automating your social media marketing tasks you can get control over your strategies. In this way, you will able to post more contents. There are various tools which also provides the overall report and also tells you the amount of engagement which you are receiving. This will encourage you to improve your strategies and share your contents in a more targeted manner.

Gives you free time

One of the biggest benefits that you can gain by having an automation tool is the amount of free time. It is pretty much obvious that if you are automating your tasks than you can save a lot of time. Instead of investing your time and effort on searching for the contents and then posting them all day along with different accounts, you can utilize your time in preparing more effective strategies to engage your followers and on other necessary things. But remember all these things depends on the tool which you are going to choose. So research extensively before opting for any automation software and if possible then take a demo test first.

Hence, these are some of the surprising benefits that you can get by automating social media.